Are there dangerous fumes or does it smell?
No. We use natural cleaning products that are both fume and odour free.

Do you clean the hinges on AGA doors?
Yes. We remove the AGA door and clean the hinges.

Can you explain the process?

Gladly. We come to your home in our liveried van. All of our operatives wear the distinctive blue OvenGleam uniform. The operatives will calculate the price of your ‘gleam’ before they start. They then remove racks, trays, top plate rings, the flue cover if it comes off, and other removable items from your AGA or oven and take them outside and put them in a solution in our van. The remainder of the oven is cleaned manually using a harmless organic paste and we clean it…until it gleams! The AGA components are then put back together. Payment for the work carried out is them accepted by our operative in the form of cash, cheque or credit card. The whole ‘gleaming’ process takes in the region of one hour for a single oven, two hours for a double oven and two and half to three hours for a range.

Isn’t an AGA self cleaning, does it really need a regular clean?
Yes – sort of! Although the AGA ovens clean themselves, the outside of the AGA tends to get greasy over a period of time. This is where we do our work. We remove all this grease and burnt on carbon from the lids, upside and underside, from the handles, flue cover, the ridges under the rings on the main plates, the aluminum strip on the inside of the ovens and, of course, the inside of the oven doors. This takes in the region of 2.5 hours for a two oven or three oven AGA and three hours for a four oven AGA, and the AGA will be left with a showroom shine on completion. On AGAs with four ovens we clean the inside of ovens three and four. We also replace any missing plastic washers on the hinges of the AGA doors.

Would you recommend using a shop bought oven cleaner on an AGA?

Not usually. But we do use a product ourselves recommended by AGA called Astonish. This was the product that AGA supplied with new AGAs and it was readily available from AGA shops. Now they have their own products and the ones that we have tested tend to be difficult to use because they dry out too quickly. We would recommend regular cleaning with a micro fibre cloth and a washing up liquid solution. If the grease has got too thick really the only way to remove it would be to get it professionally cleaned.

Do you have any top tips on keeping my AGA clean?
Yes – lots. Wipe up spills on the inside of the oven and oven door whilst the spills are still in liquid form.  The AGA exterior can be easily and quickly wiped clean with a gentle cleanser or even a glass cleaner. But you will have to be quick and be careful not to burn yourself. Be careful cleaning the chrome lids as they are often easily scratched. Get your AGA professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Why Should I get someone else to clean my oven? We clean AGA cookers regularly and have been doing so for seven years now. We are the AGA cleaning experts recommended by all the AGA shops in our area. We will clean your AGA until it gleams like a new AGA.

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