AGA Cleaning Enamel Lids

Here is a video of me cleaning the enamel lids of a standard AGA cooker. This was a special AGA in that it was owned by the late author who wrote Babe.

How To Clean A Hot AGA Enamel Top

AGA Cooker Cleaning Salcombe

Here is a video of a couple of AGA cookers that I cleaned last October, both close to each other in the Salcombe area of South Devon. One AGA was pretty dirty and the other, thankfully, wasn’t. Even though we are based in Bristol I have built a small following of clients in the South Hams area of Devon and we have been cleaning AGAs in the area since I started the business in 2004.

Our AGA Cleaning Service

AGA Cleaning Video

AGA Cleaning ServiceHere is my AGA Cleaning Service video

AGA Cleaning Tip

OvenGleam's Oven Cleaning Operatives 2009
Image by Ivydale via Flickr

This is my fist tip on how to clean an AGA. If the AGA gets too greasy it becomes very difficult to get it all off. So the best advice is to keep on top of the grease. Ensure that you wipe off any grease from the enamel top of the AGA to ensure that it doesn’t build up.

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